Welcome to SideDrawer!

Here are some questions you may have:
1. What is SideDrawer?
SideDrawer is a life planning and organization tool designed to help you organize all your important documents and information in a virtual filing cabinet. SideDrawer allows you, or any authorized advisors or family members, to have access anywhere, anytime and on any device.
2. Can I use SideDrawer with other professionals or personal contacts?
Yes! SideDrawer is designed to be a central repository where you can maintain your most sensitive data and documents, while securely providing access to trusted professionals and family members. Businesses use our platform for thousands of customers and we significantly reduce their cybersecurity risk in today's challenging environment. Click here to learn more about using SideDrawer as an individual. 
3. How secure is SideDrawer?
We take security very seriously and are extremely proud of our operational controls. We have completed our own SOC 2 Type II certification, which is a significant milestone in the technology industry. You can click here to learn more about our approach to security. 
4. I'm a Professional user, how else can I use SideDrawer? 
There are so many ways to use SideDrawer for your business! Click here to see how we bring significant productivity and security to your document management.
Why SideDrawer?

Watch this video to understand why we are the secure solution businesses use to engage and share sensitive information with their clients. 

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