Digital Vault for Financial Services

Today's growing cyber risks require more protected collaboration solutions for financial services.

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Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information.


Digital vaults emphasize user-based access controls and sharing

1. Designed for financial services

Financial services have growing regulatory focus around data privacy, governance and protection. SideDrawer incorporates these needs into a user-friendly, turn-key solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

2. Data privacy is a core foundation

Financial Services employees have the most unrestricted open access to files compared to any other industry (Varonis). Restricting access and empowering employees to appropriately manage access is what is required today.

3. Reducing email usage is critical

Email is the #1 risk facing businesses - 91% of all breaches start with an email (Deloitte). Email based information exchange also creates inefficiencies, opens vulnerabilities and results in a poor client experience. 

4. Clients want trust and transparency

Clients want to feel confident that their personal and private data is being safeguarded with the greatest level of care, with only the individuals who should have access in order to provide the necessary services. 

5. Significant benefits to end clients

With increasing digitization, clients' private and confidential information is dispersed between emails, portals, and their own unstructured storage systems. Vaults become repositories for clients to regularly access and invite their family, professionals and other partners for ongoing access and relationship development.


Productivity focused 

SideDrawer's workflows simplify document management admin, freeing hundreds of hours from gathering and organizing files and information, to distributing reports, statements and custom content.


Granular and extensive permissioning

Ensuring access is provided on a need-to-know basis is paramount for maintaining data privacy in highly regulated industries. 


SideDrawer's multi-role capability can segregate admin users from program management to client service, ensuring client data remains private and confidential.


Multiple branding opportunities

SideDrawer's turn-key implementation allows for logos, colors, fonts, profiles, social contact links, email headers and email notification content to be 100% customized, by the firm, or to accommodate advisors with their own unique branding within a firm.


The most comprehensive way to gather information

SideDrawer's templated, combination of forms and file requests provides an exceptional user experience, resulting in a 3-5x faster response rate than traditional disjointed processes.


Combined with workflow tools like Asana, Jira or your CRM, these can be automatically triggered based on the right moment in your client journey.


Connect your tools and work smarter

Use any of our custom integrations, or integrate with 6,000+ apps through Zapier to help you work seamlessly, reducing admin work and focusing on things that matter. 


Enhanced compliance and monitoring capabilities

Highly regulated industries require specific retention rules, have activity oversight needs, and must ensure ongoing activity monitoring. 


With increasing data privacy and governance, users also need to ensure their data is adequately protected. 


With 100% activity tracking, transparent display of actions, back-office and middle-office access, SideDrawer provides all stakeholders confidence in the operations of the firm.


Integrate with existing storage platforms

Connect your existing storage platform so SideDrawer becomes the collaboration, workflow, access control and privacy layer.


For Enterprises, SideDrawer can connect to ECMs (Enterprise Content Management) systems or on-premise storage. 


Infrastructure agnostic architecture

SideDrawer's architecture integrates with complex identity management, client access matrices, and segmented storage, with a turn-key approach implementation.



100% API built for exceptional flexibility 

SideDrawer can be embedded as a product enhancement, a white-label integration, or a complete Platform-as-a-Service offering for larger enterprises.

How SideDrawer's Digital Vault can impact your firm!

Increase the capacity of your practice up to 40% by eliminating admin efforts around document management and exchange.

Gain family members as new clients when they get exposure to the platform. 


SideDrawer clients eliminate 100% of the sensitive information from mailboxes by using a complete secure, permission-based vault environment. 

SideDrawer clients reduce the need for relying on strained IT resources for document organization, access, or admin and user management. 

By inviting collaborators to a centralized permission-based vault, SideDrawer clients eliminate the spread of sensitive, private information across multiple collaborators and mailboxes. 

SideDrawer clients are able to create unique repositories of sensitive and private information which is organized; a tremendous value to clients, their families and professional network.

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