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The API-first approach is the only truly scalable, flexible, fully branded, collaborative data and document exchange platform.

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Re-thinking collaboration

SideDrawer is a web and mobile based platform offering professionals, businesses, and individual users a simple and secure document management solution.



Stay Safe

Protect sensitive information exchange without using risky email links, and reduce overall email traffic by ~45%. Given that 90% of data breaches start with an email - reducing overall email volume reduces potential liability.



Stay Organized

Find files quickly with SideDrawer’s productivity workflows and intuitive document categories. Our guided organization will reduce admin time by 60%+.



Stay Connected

Easily collaborate with your team members, clients and service providers on any document type, without risking forgotten permissions, legacy access, and risk unwanted exposure.

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"Our clients have multiple platforms to access, investments, insurance, group benefits etc. but SideDrawer is the central hub of our practice and clients."

Tucker Mooney, Dewdney&Co

How is SideDrawer different than traditional cloud storage?

Traditional cloud storage satisfied the need for unlimited storage capacity of files. This is not a need anymore.

SideDrawer addresses data ownership, privacy, accessibility, scalable use with external parties, improved branding, and compliance with every increasing privacy laws and data regulation.

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Trusted by leading firms

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information.


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Designed for anyone concerned with privacy and security

1. Wealth, Estate and Financial Professionals

Scale your practice and grow your brand with secure and centralized document management. 

2. Financial Services Businesses

Leverage our turn-key client portal with built-in workflows to save you hundreds of hours, reduced cyber-risk and protecting your client's sensitive information.

3. Large Enterprises

Leverage SideDrawer's APIs and enterprise architecture to create an end-to-end, secure, platform for information exchange between clients and your business.

4. Individuals & Families

Keep all of your sensitive personal documents in a single safe and centralized portal, with permitted access to family and trusted professionals.

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For Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace users, SideDrawer is a natural fit

Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace include subscriptions to their own integrated cloud solutions - so having silo'd storage in Dropbox,, Sharefile, etc is unnecessary cost. 

SideDrawer is a perfect complement with our intuitive client-facing portal,  embedded workflows, direct API-integrations, more secure handling of access management, collaborator permissions and secure data and file collection.

SideDrawer is 100% Salesforce enabled 

A fully secure, bi-directional, document management platform with a native Salesforce Lightning Web Component, and Communities-enabled with SSO.


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Read what Advisors are saying about SideDrawer

Frank Gasper at CSR Wealth

SideDrawer is part of our daily business, starting every new engagement with an info request. This comforts them about the security of their data.


Tax season was a real eye opener of the impact the platform can have on the efficiency of our practice. We just added our client's accountant as a Collaborator – and it simplified the entire process that we would have to have across our clients. 


Read Frank's case study here >

Jill Chambers at Financial Concierge

Jill and her team work with seniors helping them age in place. With financial planning, daily money management and estate related support, the nationwide practice works with clients, their family members and their professionals on a regular basis.


SideDrawer has been a great tool for many of our clients - my clients who are in the 40-65 year age group have said “this is the cat’s meow, I like this.”


Read Jill's case study here >

Christopher Dewdney at Dewdney&Co

When we describe SideDrawer as our cybersecurity solution for sensitive document exchange, clients are pleasantly surprised with the way SideDrawer looks and how it functions. As financial professionals gathering sensitive data and then producing sensitive data, having a portal that's pleasing and enjoyable to use is a win-win. Utility alone isn't enough, and a good user experience alone isn't enough.


Feedback and response time has been phenomenal. It's not just us, even our clients have said that response and support has been excellent. Since we provide white glove service, that end client service is important to us.



Bernie Geiss at Cove Continuity Advisors

SideDrawer is already, and is increasingly becoming, more important in our practice. SideDrawer gives us the confidence that we’re doing the right thing, and gives our clients the confidence that we’re keeping their information safe.


We have had senior clients add their adult children as collaborators on their SideDrawers to help them on occasion. This significantly benefits the client because it allows for open communication, which is the basis of a successful continuity of transition.


Read Bernie's case study here >

Rolf Issler at Issler Group

I came across SideDrawer because my wife asked me where all our insurance, banking and investment information was kept. The truth was it was all in a box – and that’s when it hit me that it wasn’t a proper solution. As I used SideDrawer and saw its convenient, intuitive interface, I was certain that if I needed this, then definitely my clients would need it as well.


Initially, I saw SideDrawer as a good value add tool. However, Info Requests and Sharepoint integration has enabled me to further enhance my firm’s efficiency by streamlining the requesting, gathering and organizing of this important information.


My clients love the technology – the simplicity, the ease of use. Interestingly, clients in their 50s and 60s are really liking the platform as well.


We Solve Fundamental Security Problems Faced By All Businesses

SideDrawer's platform reduces business liability and meets ever increasing privacy regulation.

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Document management is an administrative burden.


SideDrawer's unique workflows help you cut down document admin time by more than 50%. 

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You rely on clients providing you with their sensitive information, increasing cyber exposure and liability for you.

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SideDrawer's collaboration platform allows clients, their family members, and their other professionals to collaborate with you in a completely secure environment. 

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Scaling a business requires operational consistency and repeatable processes.

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SideDrawer's unique guided organizational structure and workflows provide scalability not possible through any other document management platform.