Scale your practice with engaging document collaboration

A secure, branded platform designed to improve efficiency through unique workflows, with a phenomenal user experience.

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We Solve Fundamental Problems Faced By

All Advisors & Planners

This is not just file storage or file sharing. This is a fundamental re-think of how we collaborate.

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Document management is an administrative burden.


SideDrawer's unique workflows help you cut down document admin time by more than 50%. 

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You rely on clients providing you with their sensitive information, increasing cyber exposure and liability for you.

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SideDrawer's collaboration platform allows clients, their family members, and their other professionals to collaborate with you in a completely secure environment. 

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Scaling a business requires operational consistency and repeatable processes.

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SideDrawer's unique guided organizational structure and workflows provide scalability not possible through any other document management platform.

What is SideDrawer

SideDrawer is an API-based document management platform that focuses on improving the client experience around data collaboration and organization. Our clients are businesses, professionals, and fintechs that use our turn-key solution or our APIs to improve productivity and increase client engagement.

Secure Collaboration

Increasingly your business depends on collaborating with multiple individuals - your client's family members, accountant, lawyer, executor, etc. SideDrawer is the efficient and secure way to collaborate with these professionals.

Manage Collaborators v2


Manage collaborators with 2 clicks

Multiple permission settings allow users with varying degrees of access. Perfect way to involve the client's children, parents, and their extended professional network.

Workflows to Scale Your Practice

Managing outbound emails with requests, an inbox full of attachments or a file sharing site with various users is a waste of your valuable time. Our workflows eliminate hundreds of hours of admin time. 


Send Info and File Requests with 2 clicks

Create standardized templates and requests and send to a single or hundred+ clients instantly. There is no other scalable solution for prospecting, onboarding, new business forms, updates, KYC forms, etc!

Info Requests


Secure Fillable PDFs and eSignature

Your clients can now complete fillable PDFs or sign documents with a far superior user experience, all within our secure environment. Get instant notifications as any updates are made, further saving admin time.



Streamline PDF completion and signatures

We removed all barriers to completing forms and signing documents. Get completed docs back faster, so you can get the job done, and bill sooner!

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We're proud to get this type of feedback:

“The new clients I’ve brought on recently are really enjoying SideDrawer! It’s easy to use, they are in control, and they can use it at their own discretion without me hand holding them through the process. It’s saving me time, and they feel more in-power over their sensitive info. It’s such a win-win-win scenario for me, my practice and my clients!” - Mallory McGrath, Founder & CEO, Viive Planning

Branding & Notifications Drive Greater Engagement 

Our platform was designed to allow every client interaction to be branded and tracked. Your clients will have the same excellent digital experience as the rest of their online digital experiences. 

See what our clients are saying:

Ready to scale your practice?

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