Turn-key storage and document management APIs

Infrastructure agnostic solution for Developers to get started, and Enterprises to enhance their offering.

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We specialize in document management workflows

Our in-market SaaS product leverages our APIs for a truly unique experience around sensitive document management collaboration. We continually evolve our APIs to reflect the workflows and needs of today's demanding digital-first client.

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SideDrawer completes the developer tool kit

Reliable, secure document management, collaboration, storage with embedded workflows has been a missing offering

Our APIs can save you 5,000 development hours

With built-in functionality across Compliance, Productivity, Multi-user management, authentication, and integrations - we can save you precious development hours so you can focus on your core product. 

Complete plug 'n play infrastructure

Our platform was designed to be completely infrastructure agnostic, so you can choose your own tech stack, but still leverage off our document management workflows to save hundreds of precious developer hours


Connect your own user authentication or SSO to our platform and be confident of those who have access


Connect your existing user database to maintain full control over your users


Connect your own preferred cloud storage or VPC and let our APIs do the heavy lifting


Connect any email exchange platform to our APIs