Compliance and operations need to easily review and  monitor information exchange

With client-facing staff using a number of tools, including embedded-AI capability, firms must ensure all tools are consistently utilized and aligned with data privacy requirements.


Security is part of our DNA

We built security and privacy into our product from Day 1! With roots in credit cards which are one of the most regulated sectors within financial services, the team has a no-nonsense approach to our policies, governance and product.


Compliance isn't an island

Compliance has broadened beyond traditional regulatory review - and extends into data privacy, access rights, governance, and fiduciary responsibility.


SideDrawer's unique collaborative design allows all stakeholders to gain necessary access to monitor, review and address compliance needs in real-time. 



Scan every upload

We scan every file for virus and malware signatures without leaving our environment, without relying on third party platforms that may violate your data privacy.


For Enterprise customers, we can customize these signatures  or leverage additional scans that may be required. 




Reduce email traffic by 40%

Typical client engagements have multiple email chains with file sharing links, attachments, and content during the prospective, onboarding or even typical engagement. 


Through SideDrawer, all collaboration is centralized avoiding the need to expose mailboxes with client information. In a client study, this resulted in a 40% reduction in email volume in the lifecycle of the engagement.


Granular and extensive permissioning

Ensuring access is provided on a needs-to-know basis is paramount for information in highly regulated industries. 


SideDrawer's multi-role capability can segregate admin users from program management to client service, ensuring client data remains private and confidential.


100% delivery confirmation

SideDrawer helps ease the management of your data and document exchange regulatory obligations.


Providing time stamps to ensure disclosures were made, documents were delivered, consents were received become simplified through the SideDrawer platform’s workflows.


For Enterprises, we can support data and document orchestration across multiple systems. 


Transparent exchanges avoid miscommunications

With complete transparency around WHO provided specific data or documents and WHEN, there can be no debate over what information was available, provided by and incorporated in any analysis. 


Full click-tracking with alerts

With 100% activity tracking, transparent actions display, back-office and middle-office optional access, maintain confidence over your firm's activity.


With increasing data privacy and governance, users also need to ensure their data is adequately protected. 


SEC 17a-4, FINRA ready

With configurable data and document retention policies, you can easily offer audit trails and  streamline audit engagements, 


For Enterprises that have an existing book of record, SideDrawer can connect directly to ECMs and seamlessly expose existing documentation for more efficient, searchable, and collaborative access. 


Aggregate and share DSARs easily

Responding to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) is extremely time consuming, has regulatory consequences, and concludes in providing clients a summary of their information.


Using SideDrawer aggregates all client data into a central repository, significantly reducing the hours spent during the DSAR aggregation process. 


Finally, SideDrawer can be used to share the aggregated information with the client.


Enterprises can incorporate their own DLP

Enterprises with their own DLPs can integrate their screening requirements that are triggered alongside our own virus and malware screening. 


Secure collaboration that satisfies all stakeholders!

"No Advisor would give up SideDrawer. The impact to their practice and client experience is too positive."


Financial Advisor, Multi-Advisory Firm

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place, especially if anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

"As a firm, we mandate the use of SideDrawer for all Advisors, clients and our external partners due to security, convenience and compliance."


VP Operations, Multi-Advisory Firm

"I am now able to support 7 advisors because of the admin efficiency from SideDrawer."


Technology Admin, Multi-Advisory Firm

"SideDrawer allows me to ensure all documentation across our 70+ advisors is organized consistently and efficiently."


VP Technology, Ultra High Net Worth Manager

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