Implement your own Digital Vault 

Focus precious development resources on enhancing your product.

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We specialize in secure document management workflows

Our in-market SaaS product leverages our APIs for a truly unique experience around sensitive document management collaboration. We continually evolve our APIs to reflect the workflows and needs of today's demanding digital-first client.

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You would not re-build an Okta, Twilio or Stripe

Our data and document orchestration APIs are the 4th essential leg for developers. 

  • Access 450+ API endpoints for complete customization of data and document workflows
  • Reduce risk by leveraging our secure storage 


70% of exposed records — 5.4 billion total —were caused by unintentional internet exposure due to misconfigured services and portals

Cloud Security Alliance,  2019 

Leverage SideDrawer's expertise to reduce your risk


Maintain your user experience

You've built a fantastic product, let it shine

  • Your product may have data & document collection and storage requirements 

  • Our APIs give you complete turn-key organization and storage, with an integrated user experience


“SideDrawer’s API and documentation have made integrating with Planworth efficient. The modern, flexible and secure architecture of our respective platforms promises a robust and durable integration that is easily scalable.”

Hai Hoang, CTO of Planworth


Leverage our security expertise!

Ensuring privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire collaboration process requires multiple skill sets. 

With security in our DNA, we built the business to be secure from the ground up. 

Leverage our expertise and knowledge of securing and collaborating across sensitive information!

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