Digital Vault for Banks

Solving key security and efficiency challenges for large banks across a variety of business needs.

Financial services sector employees have the most access to sensitive files

Varonis cybersecurity stats indicate large financial services employees have access to 20 million files.


Limiting unnecessary access prevents accidental exposure. SideDrawer becomes the middle access and permission layer to control access to sensitive corporate and client information.


With every access logged and tracked, identifying sources of activity, disclosure and leakage becomes significantly easier. 


Varonis financial services cybersecurity report


Emails are the #1 risk to businesses today

91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email.


SideDrawer's collaboration vault centralizes activity out of the email mailbox and into a secure, authenticated environment with permissioned access. 


Deloitte phishing email study



Connect the unconnected

Unconnected legacy software can slow down front-end staff efficiency creating errors and compliance issues.


SideDrawer's data and document orchestration platform can connect silo'd disparate systems for seamess workflows and efficiencies. 


Complete Salesforce integration

More firms are seeking higher Salesforce adoption - but a key component of client engagement is secure file exchange which is done largely over secure email. 


SideDrawer's fully embedded Lightning Web Component significantly enhance Salesforce utilization resulting in a higher technology ROI.


450+ API endpoints give ultimate flexibility

Connect to existing storage, eSignature platforms, DLP systems, compliance systems, and any other workflow tools using our comprehensive set of APIs. 



Multi-tenanted architecture supports multiple LOBs

Each LOB can have its own enterprise storage, user permission management, IdP, and front-end staff file management system. 


SideDrawer unites multiple platforms streamlining cross-LOB activity, and enabling front-end users to adequately manage access and permissions for partners.


Access flexibility

User authorizations can be managed via:

  • Your managed IdP for all users

  • SideDrawer managed IdP - for all users, or only 3rd party users

  • SSO, SAML or any other supported authentication platform for all users


Integrate into existing portals

SideDrawer can be incorporated through any of the following:

  • Leveraging our existing WCAG 2.2 AAA compliant front-end applications customized with your firm's branding and design concepts

  • Leveraging our APIs to create a completely custom and bespoke user experience

  • Leveraging our iFrame capability for a hybrid offering 

The only document management that satisfies all stakeholders!

"No Advisor would give up SideDrawer. The impact to their practice and client experience is too positive."


Financial Advisor, Multi-Advisory Firm

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place, especially if anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

"As a firm, we mandate the use of SideDrawer for all Advisors, clients and our external partners due to security, convenience and compliance."


VP Operations, Multi-Advisory Firm

"I am now able to support 7 advisors because of the admin efficiency from SideDrawer."


Technology Admin, Multi-Advisory Firm

"SideDrawer allows me to ensure all documentation across our 70+ advisors is organized consistently and efficiently."


VP Technology, Ultra High Net Worth Manager

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