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Securely organize and share your sensitive private information with family, close friends and trusted professionals.

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We are trusted by leading firms for their clients

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information


Why you need a document vault


Your email and multiple file storage accounts likely have thousands of important files. Will your family be able to find the most critical ones when needed? 


SideDrawer provides a guided organization service, which helps retain a structure to all the chaos of files everywhere. Read more in our blog here. 


If credit card numbers are not allowed over email, why is it ok to share your other tax, pay and financial statements over email? 


With a few clicks, grant access to any individual user who needs to be granted access to one, or more of your sensitive private documents. Revoke access with just a click. Read more in our blog here. 

How is this different than my Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and other storage?

Today's cloud storage platforms were designed to solve for large storage requirements due to growing music, video and media libraries. We are designed around secure sharing of personal, sensitive data and documents with other users. For example, a mortgage broker requires your driver's license and tax slips, you can give them access to your SideDrawer temporarily, without having to email them as attachments or a file sharing link, which can be an exposure to you. With a very simplified and intuitive interface, you can manage permissions to your sensitive documents very easily. 


How SideDrawer works

A simple, user-friendly design you will enjoy using! Our easy-to-use application is like none other.

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