Organize all the important files for your family

Our increasingly digital lives are resulting in cluttered and unorganized information spread throughout our cloud and emails. 

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We are trusted by leading firms for their clients

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information


Do you and your loved ones know where all your important stuff is?

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place. If anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

Why you need a document vault

Families are not organized and it creates stress for them

Most families do not have adequate record keeping of their most important documents - it's spread across storage platforms and email addresses. 


By using SideDrawer, you will be populating all the essential documents into a central repository that they can re-use with other professionals (always promoting YOUR brand) and share with their family members. 

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Invite others as needed

You may have a few items organized, but if no one knows about it, you may as well not have bothered.

With pre-existing roles, we make inviting your professionals or other family members super convenient. 


Granular permissions benefit the entire family

By controlling what you allow family members to see, you can increase their involvement in your estate and financial planning process.  

Our interview with Mallory McGrath, a family estate consultant addresses how we were able to empower her business and the families she works with.

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Granular and extensive permissioning

Ensuring access is provided on a needs-to-know basis is paramount for maintaining data privacy in highly regulated industries. 


SideDrawer's multi-role capability can segregate admin users from program management to client service, ensuring client data remains private and confidential.


Engaging with professionals over email can expose your personal data

Many professionals - like advisors, accountants, lawyers, exchange information with email links or attachments.

These businesses are increasingly becoming vulnerable to attacks to access your data. 

With every interaction, your personal data becomes at risk. 

SideDrawer's secure vault protects how your confidential, sensitive information is shared, exchanged, collected, stored and protected. 



Email is the #1 risk to businesses that hold your data

Email based communication is risky because hackers use phishing links or attachments that contain software to take-over computers  to access any confidential data for financial gain. 


SideDrawer eliminates this risk as all exchanges take place within the platform, where all files are scanned for virus, malware, ransomware, and permission vault access is made.