Scalable Vault for leading firms

With material benefits to clients, firms also benefit from efficiency, compliance and security.


"We advised an Ultra High Net Worth firm with over $4 billion in AUM on their new technology roadmap for internal users, clients, and referring advisors.

We could not be more satisfied with the SideDrawer team’s delivery on their commitments, as well as willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our client."


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Lawrence E. Davis

Business & Digital Transformation Consultant


Lawrence Davis

Convenient client access

Your clients can access your digital vault in a number of ways:

  • as a click-out from your existing site

  • for an integrated portal experience

User authorizations can be managed via:

  • Your managed IdP for all users

  • SideDrawer managed IdP - for all users, or only 3rd party users

  • SSO, SAML or any other supported authentication platform for all users



Integrate into existing portals

SideDrawer can be incorporated through any of the following:

  • Leveraging our existing WCAG 2.2 AAA compliant front-end applications customized with your firm's branding and design concepts

  • Leveraging our APIs to create a completely custom and bespoke user experience

  • Leveraging our iFrame capability for a hybrid offering 

Streamlining collection
Secure forms and file requests can be templated, automated, and triggered through API calls from other systems, or Zapier-like integrations.


This efficient collection method results in 3-5x faster data collection, improving the client experience and streamlining your day-to-day.



Works with your file storage

Connect existing file storage systems and provide your users a secure, controlled way to expose client facing documents. 


For Enterprises, SideDrawer can connect to ECMs (Enterprise Content Management) systems or on-premise storage. 


Infrastructure agnostic architecture

SideDrawer's architecture integrates with complex identity management, client access matrices, and segmented storage, with a turn-key approach implementation.



Does your firm have multiple advisor teams?

SideDrawer's platform can have a material impact on advisor productivity driving profitability and consistency in compliance across advisor practices. 

Emails are the #1 risk to businesses today

With each team members, firms have exponential risk to viruses, malware, ransomeware, and phishing attempts that can materially impact your business. 


Any mailbox takeover can expose client data and result in regulatory and compliance obligations.


  • SideDrawer has built-in virus and malware scanner for each file added

  • Eliminates 100% of sensitive information from mailboxes

  • Reduces overall email traffic by 40% during client engagements, reducing risk exposure and driving efficiency

  • Allows third party users to be added easily avoiding email exchanges between multiple parties


Built in virus and malware scanning.
Eliminates sensitive info
Add 3rd party users
Immediate capacity growth
SideDrawer's admin savings can lead to 40% capacity growth in your business from reduced admin work!
A growing team would traditional require additional support staff to manage operational processes, new clients and existing client servicing.
With increased efficiency, SideDrawer can create additional capacity within admin support and staff.

"We were already a digital practice, but because of SideDrawer, I am now able to support 7 advisors due to its admin efficiency."

Kayla Munro, New Outlook Wealth


Create Teams for grouped access

Highly regulated industries require specific retention rules, have activity oversight needs, and must ensure ongoing activity monitoring. 


With increasing data privacy and governance, users also need to ensure their data is adequately protected. 


With 100% activity tracking, transparent actions display, back-office and middle-office optional access, maintain confidence over your firm's activity.


For Enterprise customers, offer your professional partner groups, like entire accounting firms, the ability to manage their own team's access to your clients' vaults. 

"We've been using SideDrawer with family members, accountants, and lawyers without any difficulty, and all the while improving the client experience."

Alex Liber, Cove Continuity Advisors


Each Advisor has their own brand? No problem!

SideDrawer's multi-Affiliate capability allows each individual Affiliate to control their own branding, logos, colors, email notifications and configurable client experience. 

Connect your tools and work smarter

Use any of our custom integrations, or integrate with 6,000+ apps through Zapier to help you work seamlessly, reducing admin work and focusing on things that matter. 


100% API built for exceptional flexibility 

SideDrawer can be embedded as a product enhancement, a white-label integration, or a complete Platform-as-a-Service offering for larger enterprises.

The only document management that satisfies all stakeholders!

"No Advisor would give up SideDrawer. The impact to their practice and client experience is too positive."


Financial Advisor, Multi-Advisory Firm

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place, especially if anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

"As a firm, we mandate the use of SideDrawer for all Advisors, clients and our external partners due to security, convenience and compliance."


VP Operations, Multi-Advisory Firm

"I am now able to support 7 advisors because of the admin efficiency from SideDrawer."


Technology Admin, Multi-Advisory Firm

"SideDrawer allows me to ensure all documentation across our 70+ advisors is organized consistently and efficiently."


VP Technology, Ultra High Net Worth Manager

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