SideDrawer solves everything that cloud storage can't 

Cyber risks and regulatory pressure around privacy continue to increase. Traditional storage solutions do not address these growing business and security pressures.

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Cloud storage solved for hard drives and USB keys

20 years ago - it was very common for hard drive space to run out, and USB storage keys to get lost or stolen. Cloud storage was a great solution - by offering unlimited, reliable and always accessible storage, these issues were addressed. 

So why are we using solutions for 20 year old problems?

Almost every email account, Apple iCloud, Microsoft O365 and Google Suite subscription have essentially unlimited cloud storage included, readily accessible.

Today's problems are:

  • sharing sensitive information without using unsecure email links
  • avoiding password protecting links
  • addressing data ownership and data rights
  • collaborating securely with external users
  • preserving privacy of exchanged information
  • easily manage permissions to control access without calling the IT department
  • reducing business liability
  • providing a professional and fully branded experience
  • meeting increasing data residency regulations. 

SideDrawer addresses today's problems, now!


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Designed for anyone concerned about privacy

Practical and secure document collaboration that’s easy to use and designed to meet your needs.

1. Traditional sharing is reliant on risky emails

Over 5 million email accounts are hacked every day. Traditional file sharing uses direct access links in emails, and we believe this is not a secure method to share any sensitive information. Alternatives like secure email is a very poor user experience. 

2. Managing shared links are a headache

Traditional storage sharing links have to be individually created - while they can be password protected, they require additional steps. This is an administrative burden and a poor experience for all users. We believe safe cyber security should not have any barriers for use.

3. Managing user access is a significant risk

Providing individual user access to various folders and files is a risky, time consuming task. Forgetting to remove access of internal and external users is difficult, time consuming and prone to data breaches.

4. Data ownership options

With traditional cloud storage, the subscription sponsor is the owner of the data. With SideDrawer's configuration flexibility, data can be owned by the client, addressing an increasingly important privacy and rights issue.

"If we didn’t have SideDrawer – we’d have to re-invent the wheel, and revert back to the traditional ways - and our clients would find us super annoying. Every other platform relies on attachments, or links which are hard to track, easily lost in emails, and creates a lot of frustration. It would be very detrimental."

Bernie Geiss, Head Planner, Cove Continuity Advisors

Streamlining the last mile of data and document collection and delivery 



Clients expect more than links to a box

The client experience on traditional sharing hasn't changed in over 10 yrs. Clients are invited to access a particular folder to dump a bunch of things to and they may or may not have access to their important information in the future. We think clients deserve better and our users' clients consistently provide great feedback on accessing their items. 

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Structure leads to scalability

The free-for-all approach to traditional storage means no guidance and no structure, which means no efficiency when you need to engage with tens, hundreds or thousands of external users on a variety of data and documents. We believe guided-organization provides scalability to any business.


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"We still use Sharepoint within our team, but SideDrawer is used for sharing externally with clients. It’s much easier and far more convenient."

Frank Gasper, Founder, CSR Wealth

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For Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace users, SideDrawer is a natural fit

Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace include subscriptions to their own integrated cloud solutions - so having silo'd storage in Dropbox,, Sharefile, etc is unnecessary cost. 

SideDrawer is a perfect complement with our intuitive client-facing portal,  embedded workflows, direct API-integrations, more secure handling of access management, collaborator permissions and secure data and file collection.


SideDrawer is 100% Salesforce enabled 

A fully secure, bi-directional, document management platform with a native Salesforce Lightning Web Component, and Communities-enabled with SSO.


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See how digital vaults address key failures of traditional solutions

Document management costs hundreds of hours per year

SideDrawer's pre-determined categories allows businesses to standardize organization resulting in efficiency and operational scaling.

SideDrawer leverages 100% customizable organizational categories called SideDrawer Types that can have their own unique structure that are most relevant for the nature of the engagement. 

Users can create multiple SideDrawer Types, and pick from an 8,000+ icon library to customize the environment.

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'Need to know basis' has never been more important

Given the sensitivity of information and the consequences of mishandling them, the notion that everyone in your office should have equal access to information just doesn't work. 

With SideDrawer's unique Collaboration settings, specified users can be granted temporary access, and removed when their need is done,  as easily as a click. This prevents client information from being exposed to multiple users at any given time.

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Organizations need more than just files

File sharing is, just sharing files. How do you share sensitive private information - birth dates, SIN numbers, important addresses, passwords? These are data points which also need to be shared securely - and there's no need to create a file just for this data - SideDrawer's platform allows you to organize and capture all this data seamlessly.

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Less email traffic reduces breach risk

Email is the #1 risk vector for data breaches due to phishing and malware. With a 45%+ reduction in email traffic volume, your organization is less vulnerable to email based attacks.

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Your branding gives clients confidence and trust

Most file sharing solutions may have your logo in a corner - but they don't have your profile picture, your contact information, nor do they have branded notification emails. 

Given the heightened concerns around phishing emails, sharing your client's most sensitive information over unbranded, unfamiliar emails reduces confidence in how they engage with you.

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