SideDrawer Sub-Processors

To support SideDrawer in delivering the Services, SideDrawer engages third-party service providers as sub-processors.

This page identifies our sub-processors, describes where they are located, lists what services they provide to us and identifies the type of Personal Information processed.

Our business needs may change from time to time and SideDrawer will periodically update this page to provide notice of additions and removals to our list of sub-processors.

Service Provider Types of Personal Information processed Processor Activities Location
Amazon Web Services All demographic information and personal records Data hosting and storage (cloud services) USA, Canada
Auth0 SideDrawer Username, Email, Password, Social ID (OpenID), Authentication History Validates the credentials of the user at the time of logging in to the application USA
MongoDB Atlas All demographic information and personal records Data management and storage USA, Canada
JIRA Service Desk Name and Email Addresses Customer support USA
Twilio Name and cellphone number Used to verify the session using MFA (text message) USA
SendGrid Name and emails Communication with customers USA
Stripe Payment card information, name, email and billing address Payment processing for subscription purchases USA

Last Updated: March 30, 2020