Empowering IT Admins with a turn-key solution

Manage cyber and data privacy exposure without obstacles for the business. 


Trusted by forward thinking firms

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information.


Give your users more control, confidently

SideDrawer reduces IT dependence on:

  • Managing and creating user credentials

  • Managing internal user access to files and folders

  • Managing external user access to files and folders

  • Client access support

  • File organization control

  • Email reliance on sensitive document exchange

See how we enhance your practice:


Team management made easy

Teams can be easily added and removed to vaults. 


If a Team member departs, removing them from the team immediately revokes their access across all the vaults, similar to AD group management. 


This can be managed by an individual advisor or admin support, without requiring IT resources.


Use local desktop app for data migration

Our own SideDrawer Desktop app provides a local file/folder structure of all the accessible files in our cloud environment.


This supports bulk migration, local on-prem service backups, and other capabilities for overall management. 


Given the proprietary organization structure, we recommend this be limited to admin or professional users. 

Streamlining collection

Files and data that are collected from multiple external parties are auto-organized into pre-selected folders, reducing admin burden on synchronizing data and ensuring consistency across the entire firm.


This requires no involvement from IT admin.

No fuss deliveries

Mass delivering quarterly statements or tax slips can take hours or days of effort.


Our unique SideDrawer meta-data allows multi-source deliveries into specific vaults in under 5 clicks.


Immediate capacity growth

SideDrawer's admin savings can lead to 40% capacity growth in your business from reduced admin work!


With more productive teams, IT staff can focus on managing a more effective user group and have less endpoint exposure.


Exceptional support for all users! 

SideDrawer's support team has a 95%+ satisfaction rating from all users, including advisors, admin staff, clients, family members and collaborators. 


We know advisors don't want to give tech support to clients, that's where we can engage and treat all users with the same white glove service they expect!


Works with your file storage

Connect your existing storage platform so SideDrawer becomes the collaboration, workflow, access control and privacy layer.


Your files will continue to stay in your own platform, with no need to transfer over to our cloud environment. An API connection will display the 'synced' files when clicked on by a user.


For Microsoft O365 and G-Suite users, SideDrawer is a natural fit

Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace include subscriptions to their own integrated cloud solutions - so having silo'd storage in Dropbox, Box.com, Sharefile, etc is unnecessary cost. 


Contribute to growth and efficiencies from integrations

You know your client and users best - so leverage our Zapier and other integrations to improve current business processes to drive efficiency, security and an improved client experience!


Is the firm merging or hiring new advisors?

SideDrawer's multi-advisor capability is centered around data privacy, data access and security, without compromising any of the productivity gains!


Tenants and Affiliates capability allows strict segregation of data access while allowing shared admin support to support individual practices. 


100% API built for exceptional flexibility 

You can use our 450+ API endpoints to create additional workflows that are custom and beskope to your firm.

The only document management that satisfies all stakeholders!

"No Advisor would give up SideDrawer. The impact to their practice and client experience is too positive."


Financial Advisor, Multi-Advisory Firm

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place, especially if anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

"As a firm, we mandate the use of SideDrawer for all Advisors, clients and our external partners due to security, convenience and compliance."


VP Operations, Multi-Advisory Firm

"I am now able to support 7 advisors because of the admin efficiency from SideDrawer."


Technology Admin, Multi-Advisory Firm

"SideDrawer allows me to ensure all documentation across our 70+ advisors is organized consistently and efficiently."


VP Technology, Ultra High Net Worth Manager

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