U.S. Will Registry + SideDrawer

A partnership that ensures your digital will is securely stored, and accessible by whoever you want. 


Congratulations on making your Will! 


It's an important first step to ensuring your legacy is preserved and appropriately passed on! Now it's time to make sure you store it securely, and provide controlled access to whomever needs to know about your will. We suggest a responsible family member, an attorney, an estate lawyer, accountant as a few examples. 

Watch how easily you can store your will and provide access!


3 Steps to Secure Will Storage!

Create your FREE account

Easily create your account on the US National Will Registry partner site, powered by SideDrawer.

This is a secure, data and document vault where your sensitive files are encrypted and accessible by only those you authorize.

Click here to create your FREE account >

Click on Add a Will

On the right corner, click on Add a Will where you can then add a digital version of your will by a simple drag 'n drop.

Watch a help video >

Add any family member or trusted professional

SideDrawer allows you to provide controlled access to any family members or trusted professionals, such as attorneys, estate lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, etc. 

Any individual with Editor or Viewer permissions can still see the contents of the files, while a No Details will let them know it's there, without giving them access. 


Watch our short video explaining SideDrawer