Zapier + SideDrawer

Integrate SideDrawer with 5,000+ applications to streamline your daily workflow and customize the experience as you see fit!


Zapier is a no-code, workflow automation tool used to reduce busywork.


Zapier's "Zaps" seamlessly move data between your applications automatically, saving you time and effort from repeated tasks.



How does the integration work?

After creating an account on Zapier, you begin by building Zaps which connect two or more applications together. All Zaps have a Trigger (the event that initiates the zap), and one or more Actions (the events which should happen after the Trigger). See how easy it is below:

Zapier Hubspot Video

SideDrawer "Actions" within Zapier

You can select what Action takes place in SideDrawer based on a "Trigger" that occurs in any other app in Zapier.


"The impact of integrating Side Drawer into our financial practice, along with the exceptional automation systems provided by Shaun from Blue Cow Marketing, has been profound. It has been an absolute game-changer, revolutionizing the way we work and saving us so much time and money."


Wendy Brookhouse, Black Star Wealth

Wendy Brookhouse

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