Our API-first platform allows a variety of ways our application can be utilized by an individual, firm or enterprise.

We will always welcome new partners where an integration can contribute to a secure and elevated experience around the collection, management, and delivery of sensitive information.

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8Twelve Mortgage is Canada’s leading digital mortgage solution. Our integration with 8Twelve allows professional users to refer clients to 8Twelve who can help with their mortgage needs, all within the SideDrawer platform.

Benefit to professional: provides a seamless approach to the client to apply for a mortgage with 8Twelve and receive quality service from their white-glove customer support. 

Benefit to client: since all sensitive documents are already in the SideDrawer, there is no need to email or use any unsecure method to share information with brokers who they may have a transactional relationship with.

Read about our technology partnership here.



Addepar manages a cloud-based platform that helps private banks, RIAs and family offices track their clients' portfolios across different currencies and asset classes, from stocks and bonds to venture capital investments and collectibles. Addepar's technology can model asset allocations and rebalance portfolios. Its customers monitor $4 trillion in assets through the platform, for 1,000+ clients and operates in 35 countries. 

Addepar produces industry leading reporting and analytics for their clients and investors. 

Benefit to professional/firm: significant time and efficiency gained by leveraging an integrated delivery solution.

Benefit to client: being able to use SideDrawer's secure digital vault platform for collaborating with advisors and trusted professionals on day-to-day engagement, as well as accessing their Addepar generated statements through the same login. 

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Cloven CRM by BluRoot is a financial advisor focused, industry-specific CRM developed by BluRoot Inc, and built on the Zoho CRM platform which has over 100 million users. BluRoot’s original product is BluMortgage, the mortgage industry’s leading CRM used by thousands of brokers. BluRoot provides a turn-key CRM solution, including its extensive marketplace, and offers customized workflows based on their industry specific knowledge. 

* separate Cloven subscription required

Benefit to professional/firm: significant time and efficiency gained by leveraging an embedded solution.

Benefit to client: having a secure, bi-directional exchange for data and documents.

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DocuSign is an industry leading signature platform. Our integration with DocuSign allows users to initiate envelopes directly from within the SideDrawer platform and store completed envelopes along with the Certificate of Completion all within the same Record. This exceptional user experience further streamlines the workflow productivity for professionals, their clients and other collaborators. 

* separate DocuSign subscription required

Benefit to professional/firm: significant time and efficiency gained by leveraging an integrated signature solution.

Benefit to client: being able to locate important executed contracts and documents (if appropriately permissioned) is a far superior experience than trying to locate envelopes in email accounts.

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Ndex is the industry’s leading independent multi-custodial data utility and wealth management provider. Our integration with Ndex allows wealth management firms to automatically deliver statements into client SideDrawers. 

Benefit to professional/firm: significant time and efficiency gained by leveraging the integrated distribution.

Benefit to client: consolidating information into one login is an excellent client experience that all clients welcome.

Read about our technology partnership here.

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Planworth is a financial planning tool that helps advisors strengthen relationships and grow their business by unlocking financial, tax and estate planning opportunities for their clients now and over a lifetime. Our integration allows Planworth users to utilize SideDrawer's secure collaborative exchange APIs with a clean, seamless and intuitive user experience, all within the Planworth application.

Benefit to Planworth: by leveraging our API technology, Planworth was able to save time and resources when introducing a secure document exchange functionality within their application. 

Benefit to professional: every financial planning engagement requires the collection of a significant amount of documents. By offering an integrated, client friendly user experience, a Planworth user is more efficient and productive on their day-to-day processes.

Benefit to client: no one likes to craft an email with a variety of attachments, so having an integrated document exchange within the Planworth environment streamlines the client experience. An intuitive icon-based visual experience also enhances the client experience vs traditional file-folder structures which were designed in the 60's and haven't changed since. 

Read about our technology partnership here.

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Salesforce is a global leader in CRMs to support businesses track, manage, and interact with their clients and prospects. SideDrawer's Salesforce application allows users to gain greater utilization out of their Salesforce CRM by bringing an important aspect of sensitive document exchange into the Salesforce environment. 

Benefit to Salesforce users: the CRM is central hub for many firms, and anchoring more applications within Salesforce is a common objective of CTOs, Compliance and Business owners. Our native Salesforce application allows users to consolidate all files and documentation in a centralized manner, but ensuring any client-provided updates and also readily available in real-time. 

Read about our Salesforce application here.

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Zapier is an extremely popular no-code workflow productivity platform that connects 5,000+ applications. Zapier has free and paid plans that provide various degrees of automation capabilities. SideDrawer's Zapier app (currently in Beta testing) allows for "triggers" in other applications, to drive "actions" within SideDrawer. For example, if a new prospect was added into a CRM, a "zap" could be create a new SideDrawer for the prospect, without any manual intervention.

Benefit to professional: leveraging our API technology to drive significant productivity in processes and workflows.

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