Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace users don't need any other cloud storage provider

Using another cloud storage platform is costly, results in sensitive data sprawl, relies heavily on email based link sharing, offers limited branding (if at all), offers a 20 year old user experience. and is a growing risk in today's cyber and privacy environment. 

SideDrawer acts as an integrated, external client facing solution with more intuitive access permissions, productivity workflows, easier IT resources, more opportunities for branding, and a significantly better client experience. 


SideDrawer +
Office 365 or Google Workspace

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  • Cost savings: Microsoft includes two cloud storage options: OneDrive and Sharepoint (Enterprise-oriented) and Google includes Google Drive within their corporate  subscriptions. These enterprise-grade cloud storage options are great options for use by yourself, within your local office, teams or business. 
  • Reduced IT complexity: Consolidate IT team's data and document management to a familiar Microsoft or Google platform
  • Reduced data sprawl: Retain documents within existing storage, and sync with SideDrawer's native API integrations, reducing risk of data exposure, liability and gaining greater efficiency.
  • Elevated client experience: As a digital vault, SideDrawer's  platform has an enhanced client value due to its repository nature, and intuitive user interface. This is unmatched in a traditional cloud storage environment. Click here for a tour of the SideDrawer experience from a client's perspective.
  • Easy permission management: Collaboration with external users is a key pillar of SideDrawer's offering - with an exceptionally intuitive permission management layer that does not require IT users, and can be used by internal and external users to make access decisions. 
  • 100% activity tracking: any external collaboration done through SideDrawer has 100% activity tracking - every file shared, data entered, document signed - has a date, time and user stamp associated with it. 
  • Reduced cyber risk: SideDrawer's platform does not provide file-level access within any email, reducing the risk of data breaches through email based link sharing.
  • Secure forms and file requests: SideDrawer's platform combines data gathering and file requests (with auto-organization) providing a combined storage and data gathering solution. Learn more about how SideDrawer streamlines processes.
  • Enhanced user productivity: SideDrawer's structure offers guided organization which offers scalability, and significant efficiency by reducing 60% of document management admin time. Learn more about how SideDrawer streamlines processes.
  • Increased branding: with a branded login page, branded platform with a customizable vCard and contact links, and branded email notifications, clients will always be aware of your service and value add. Learn more about SideDrawer's branding here.
  • Additional document management workflows
    • Leverage multi-source mass document deliveries to client SideDrawers
    • Leverage 1-to-many, many-to-1, and many-to-many document delivery with 5 clicks 
  • Enterprise integration: with APIs and webhooks, SideDrawer can be incorporated into any existing enterprise application to drive additional processes. Learn more about our Enterprise capability here.
  • Native Salesforce integration: SideDrawer's Lightning Web Component can be used for client document review, as well as any additional Salesforce-based workflows for advanced document management tasks. Learn more about our Salesforce LWC here.
3rd party storage +
Office 365 or Google Workspace
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  • Extra cost: significant subscriptions for storage while Microsoft and Google offer an equivalent solution included in their corporate subscriptions.
  • Increased IT complexity: IT managers have to maintain Microsoft or Google environments, as well as complex permissioning and configurations of 3rd party platforms
  • Higher risk from data sprawl: with data and access being controlled and managed within Microsoft and Google, IT as well as users have to be diligent with data and access provided on the 3rd party platforms. This increases cyber risk, breach risk, liability and extra effort in maintaining two platforms.
  • Files have direct access: shared links within emails provide direct links to potentially sensitive files. This increases data breach risk and liability should any user's mailbox get hacked, and the link becomes accessible. 
  • Inability to track logged events: not all platforms provide 100% transparency into all user activity that is readily available.
  • No secure forms: not all platforms provide a convenient, customizable and flexible means to request client information securely. Users will have to utilize another 3rd party platform to act as a form gathering platform, and seek an integration. This increases data breach risk, raises costs, and is a poor client experience.
  • No file requests: not all platforms provide a means to request files securely from external users, that may also be auto-organized into pre-determined categories.
  • Reduced productivity: with potentially maintaining data and documents in different locations, users are adding additional hours to their day-jobs for administrative document management.
  • Limited branding: if branding is offered, it's typically a login page with a logo in a corner. SideDrawer can be 100% white labeled.


We practice what we preach!
We use OneDrive, Sharepoint and SideDrawer for all our internal organization and external collaboration.
Our document organizational structure is exceptionally efficient. See 
Contact us to learn more about how we have streamlined our processes and slashed our document management admin.