"The impact of integrating SideDrawer into our financial practice, along with the exceptional automation systems provided by Shaun from Blue Cow Marketing, has been profound. It has been an absolute game-changer, revolutionizing the way we work and saving us so much time and money."


Wendy Brookhouse, Black Star Wealth


Traditional folders are slowing you down

Traditional folder/subfolder structures create significant inefficiencies, are difficult to navigate, create permissioning challenges, are inconsistent from one user to another, and are unpleasant for every user. 

For firms with multiple professionals and support staff, maintaining consistency of file/folder structures across hundreds or thousands of clients becomes impossible.


SideDrawer eliminates this entire issue through our guided organization.


Guided organization

SideDrawer allows templated folder structures called SideDrawer Types to simplify organization.


SideDrawer Types contain Tiles which are organizational categories.


This format allows for expedited setup, consistent organization, promoting familiarity and repeated usage across all those interacting with secure information.

Streamlining collection

Secure forms and file requests can be templated, automated, and triggered through API calls from other systems, or Zapier-like integrations.


This efficient collection method results in 3-5x faster data collection, improving the client experience and streamlining your day-to-day.


Client participation

Reminders themselves are difficult to track for each client... by creating automated Reminders you can ensure that your engagements are on track, allowing you to deliver the best outcome for your client, as efficiently as possible!

No fuss deliveries

SideDrawer offers a number of document delivery capabilities, many-to-many; one-to-many; and many-to-one. 


Through Content Packages, Blast Deliveries, Bulk Deliveries - we have a variety of options to mass distribute documents streamlining your daily workflows.

Trusted by forward thinking firms

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information.


Immediate capacity growth
SideDrawer's admin savings can lead to 40% capacity growth in your business from reduced admin work!
Traditional wealth business models dictate adding admin support for each 125 households, or $50 million in new assets.
With increased efficiency, SideDrawer clients are able to defer new admin hiring to 175 to 200 households, due to the automation and workflow efficiencies of SideDrawer.

Create Teams for grouped access

With increasing data privacy and governance, users also need to ensure their data is adequately protected. 


With 100% activity tracking, transparent actions display, back-office and middle-office optional access, maintain confidence over your firm's activity.


For Enterprise customers, offer your professional partner groups, like entire accounting firms, the ability to manage their own team's access to your clients' vaults. 

Connect your tools and work smarter

Use any of our custom integrations, or integrate with 6,000+ apps through Zapier to help you work seamlessly, reducing admin work and focusing on things that matter. 


Integrate with existing storage platforms

Connect your existing storage platform so SideDrawer becomes the collaboration, workflow, access control and privacy layer.


For Enterprises, SideDrawer can connect to ECMs (Enterprise Content Management) systems or on-premise storage. 


Infrastructure agnostic architecture

SideDrawer's architecture integrates with complex identity management, client access matrices, and segmented storage, with a  turn-key approach implementation.



100% API built for exceptional flexibility 

SideDrawer can be embedded as a product enhancement, a white-label integration, or a complete Platform-as-a-Service offering for larger enterprises.


Multiple branding opportunities

SideDrawer's turn-key implementation allows for logos, colors, fonts, profiles, social contact links, email headers and email notification content to be 100% customized, by the firm, or by individual environments within a firm.

The only document management that satisfies all stakeholders!

"No Advisor would give up SideDrawer. The impact to their practice and client experience is too positive."


Financial Advisor, Multi-Advisory Firm

"It’s actually comforting to know all of our vital information is in one safe place, especially if anything suddenly were to happen to either of us, I worried about succession and estate planning etc. for our children."


Client of Spring Planning

"As a firm, we mandate the use of SideDrawer for all Advisors, clients and our external partners due to security, convenience and compliance."


VP Operations, Multi-Advisory Firm

"I am now able to support 7 advisors because of the admin efficiency from SideDrawer."


Technology Admin, Multi-Advisory Firm


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"SideDrawer allows me to ensure all documentation across our 70+ advisors is organized consistently and efficiently."


VP Technology, Ultra High Net Worth Manager

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