CEAN & SideDrawer

CEAN is happy to announce its partnership with
SideDrawer Inc., a Life Planning & Organization 

Brought to you by CEAN
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How SideDrawer works

The SideDrawer platform provides a way for CEAN advisors to provide a Professional Planning & Collaboration Platform to their clients. SideDrawer helps clients to securely store and share their important documents, assets and estate/family information with their professionals and family members which is easily accessible at any time, on any device, wherever you are!
SideDrawer provides CEAN's members and their clients with an EASY and SECURE way to share files and documents in real-time. It also provides a way for CEAN members to securely share customized plans with their clients.

About CEAN

Networking through CEAN allows members the opportunity to build a team of experts to best help their clients through the transfer of an estate in their role as an Executor. As a CEA designated professional, you represent 1 of 17 different professions who together aspire to share knowledge in the area of estate literacy. The ultimate goal of raising awareness towards this critical and often unprepared for obligation, is focused on the betterment and protection of estate executors and beneficiaries.
Offering SideDrawer adds another component of value to the CEAN network of experts, as it allows all of your client’s professionals to securely share, view and collaborate on important files in real-time as well as view the same dataset in one consolidated dashboard.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about your SideDrawer account brought to you by CEAN, please email support@sidedrawer.com or call 1-855-494-4485