Executor Depot & SideDrawer

Executor Depot is happy to announce its partnership with SideDrawer Inc., a Life Planning & Organization Platform!

Brought to you by Executor Depot

How SideDrawer works

The SideDrawer platform provides a way for Executor Depot users to securely store their important assets and estate information for all stages of their lives in an organized manner. SideDrawer ensures you and your family’s information is accessible to your loved ones, trusted advisors, executors or heirs, at any time, on any device, wherever they are.

About our companies

Executor Depot

Executor Depot offers free, online, do-it-yourself estate planning and settlement services. Our vision is to help Canadians who are dealing with some of the most difficult challenges in their lives, to plan, prepare and navigate the estate planning and settlement process.


SideDrawer provides Executor Depot users an EASY and SECURE way to share files and documents with trusted advisors, trustee's, heirs, executors and family members in real-time. SideDrawer will allow you to keep all of your important information securely consolidated in one central location, alleviating one less point of stress for your loved ones going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

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If you have any questions about your SideDrawer account brought to you by Executor Depot, please email support@sidedrawer.com or call 1-855-494-4485

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