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Best for small practices
Up to 200 SideDrawers per subscription
One-click client prospecting and onboarding flows
Access to Admin Console
Customized logo, icons, colors and branding
Customized notifications and management options
Securely complete Fillable PDFs, complete eSignature, annotate documents, maintain version history


Best for growing businesses
All features in Starter
400 SideDrawers per subscription
Includes 1 Admin user per subscription
Advanced Admin Console (Client Management, Teams, Bulk Uploads)
Extend your branding through: YourCompanyName
10 Collaborators with Editor permissions per SideDrawer
Live Support and Training
Flexible Payment Plans


Most popular for productivity
All features in Standard
600 SideDrawers per subscription
Includes 2 Admin users per subscription
Full access to Admin Console Premium Productivity features (Templates, Info Requests, Blast Delivery)
Unlimited Collaborators and Multiple Owner Capability
Audit Trail and Compliance Activity Reports
Priority Support
Enterprise-grade options for Integrations, Back-up & Retention, Redundancy

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