SideDrawer integrates seamlessly within Salesforce through a native Lightning Web Component


Salesforce FAQs:
1. Why do I need a SideDrawer Salesforce connector?
Salesforce is a leading CRM that is used to consolidate client information. However, collecting and distributing documents from clients or external users continues to be a challenge for many enterprises that continue to rely on email as the primary medium of exchange. SideDrawer's API-first platform integrates seamlessly allowing enterprise users to maintain compliance and procedures, while offering a secure medium of exchange, improve productivity, and leverage the user-focused design of the SideDrawer-powered web and mobile applications.
2. How do I install the SideDrawer Salesforce Lightning Web Component?
This is currently available as a Managed Application, and will be available soon through the AppExchange. Please contact us at for documentation.
3. What security review has been conducted on this SideDrawer component?
SideDrawer has its own SOC 2 Type II audit certification, and developed this component using the same processes and approach as its principle APIs and applications. In addition to its own security protocols, SideDrawer adhered to the strict Salesforce security application requirements. 
4. What is the user's login experience?
SideDrawer uses the industry standard OpenID to authenticate users across platforms. A Salesforce user can use their own Salesforce credentials to log into the SideDrawer application, or use their SideDrawer credentials to log into the Lightning Web Component. 
5. What is the client, or external user's experience?
The client or external user will continue to use the SideDrawer-powered web or mobile application (or embedded within an enterprise offering), with no need for Salesforce login credentials. Any activity that occurs on the SideDrawer-powered web and mobile application, will result in real-time updates into the Salesforce environment. 
6. Our clients already have Communities access, can we still use SideDrawer?
Yes! Our OpenID also works with Communities logins so your clients or external users can have a full, secure, bi-directional document exchange experience. 
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Why SideDrawer?

Watch this video to understand why we are the secure solution businesses use to engage and share sensitive information with their clients. 

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