Securely engage with employees, vendors and customers

With daily mailbox hacks, be confident that any sensitive documents are exchanged securely.

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Our platform is used to exchange the most sensitive documents with external users

Our clients are businesses in the financial sector that use our platform to engage with clients and external users on their most sensitive, personal and business documents. 



File sharing today has hidden risks

With risk of malware in attachments, phishing links, and altered invoices from vendors, you have to constantly be on-guard with any email-related engagement. 

Collaborate with confidence 

With an intuitive interface, you can easily manage who has permissions to send you invoices, access sensitive company data, and how you share information externally. 


Manage Collaborators v2


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Organized sharing

You determine the organizational categories most suited for your business, and avoid any guesswork on your admin and your external collaborators. 


Onboarding a new employee or vendor?

Use our Info Requests to securely collect data and documents from clients that are auto-organized into relevant categories. 


Info Requests


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