Digital Vault built for Enterprises

100% API-first platform for ultimate flexibility


We are trusted by leading firms for their clients

Our clients understand today's risks around email-based communication of sensitive information


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Fully secure, flexible platform

1. Dedicated PaaS Implementation

Leverage our vault framework for a completely dedicated Platform-as-a-Service implementation.

2. Dedicated Cloud Tenant

Control your own dedicated cloud environment in a Azure, AWS or hybrid environment, with your own dedicated core stack.  

3. Exceptional Security

Manage your own encryption keys, with complete control over PII and file storage in your existing infrastructure.

4. Salesforce Managed Package & LWC

With flexibility to have a Managed or Unmanaged Package, leveraging our Lightning Web Component, our Salesforce integration will increase your internal adoption and utilization.

Enhance the power of your Salesforce across several Orgs, through multiple associations with household, accounts and contacts for maximum flexibility.


5. Exceptional Customer Experience

A secure solution only works if the applications are used - so leverage our intuitive applications or use APIs for a hybrid implementation.

Enterprise wide capability

With multiple data storage silos across business lines, and a spider-web of permissioning, SideDrawer simplifies enterprise wide orchestration.



Build Client Trust

Advisors are trying to build trust with their clients yet are resorting to insecure emails for exchanging information, resulting in significant cyber exposure and risk.


Improve Compliance

With increasing focus on data governance and handling of PII, Compliance teams can ensure that client data is being handled with due care, and with appropriate access controls.



Streamlined IT Resources

With a turn-key implementation, IT Resources can be effectively utilized in adding workflows and integrations to streamline processes. 

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Reduce The #1 Cause of Data Breaches

Misdirected email by internal users is the leading cause of data breaches at financial services companies


Client document collection is done through email, which is increasingly becoming a critical cybersecurity threat. 


Eliminating email attachments and file sharing links significantly reduces enterprise risk


100% activity tracking on display and through logs to easily meet compliance and operational requirements


Granular user-based access control and permission settings takes away any guesswork for compliance


Future proof your enterprise for the ever-increasing data privacy requirements

Use our APIs to enhance your own portal

Customize needed functionality through the 9 APIs and 400+ endpoints


Efficiently designed APIs will reduce development time by 60-80% on document management which is non-core for your enterprise


Advisor and Client based permission setting streamlines network expansion


Document upload with immediate role based access


Programmatically create a personalized list of data and document requirements to streamline individualized onboarding


Achieve data residency requirements with a single API parameter