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The client experience is elevated with SideDrawer vs other traditional tools. It takes away the effort required to organize – which is efficient and streamlined for both us and the client.

Frank Gasper, Founder, CSR Wealth

User-inspired design

While there is a tremendous amount of complexity behind SideDrawer, we ensure that the user experience is simple, and intuitive across our web, mobile and desktop applications allowing users to have a stress-free experience.


We have had 80 and 90 year old clients use our platform with little to no support - confirming that an intuitive experience can overcome the misconception that 'older generations aren't comfortable with technology.' 



"Aesthetics are very important, and with the comprehensive branding, the professional and appealing interface, it’s more pleasing to use. A lot of technology has utility, but because it's not attractive, people don't like to use it. That's the reality of today’s consumer."

Christopher Dewdney, Founder, Dewdney&Co

SideDrawer Business Use Cases


Guided organization

SideDrawer Types allow the business to determine pre-configured organizational categories, called Tiles, which is how information is organized for all users. This guided organization drives efficiency and consistency across all users, and ensures any incoming data or documents is appropriately categorized in the right Tiles.


This organizational structures contributes to hundreds of hours of time saved. 

"We use SideDrawer for almost every corner of We Listen Financial's daily operations, from client collaboration to our own business accounting.

 Everything that we do, we incorporate SideDrawer and we make sure that it's front and center, not just an afterthought."

Jeff Stuart, Founder, We Listen Financial

Secure forms and file requests

Use our Info Requests functionality to create 100% customizable forms to collect data and documents from external users, or use our templates. 


This approach to data and document collection results in 3-4x faster client responses, and a 100% elimination of sensitive information over email traffic. 


Info Requests can be programmatically generated through the API, and can trigger webhooks to initiate additional processes within your operations.


"It can be very intrusive and uncomfortable to provide all this sensitive information, so the platform makes it very convenient for clients to contribute their information, and make any changes to prior provided information."

Frank Gasper, Founder, CSR Wealth


Salesforce Desktop


Salesforce logo

Native Salesforce integration

We know Salesforce CRM is a key application for many financial services businesses.

Our native Lightning Web Component provides a seamless experience within the Salesforce environment. 

Internal users can leverage SideDrawer within Salesforce, while external users can leverage our intuitive web or mobile experience. 

"SideDrawer is the best option Brightmark has seen for a document management platform that isn't reliant on expensive development costs."

Matthew Maingot, CEO of Brightmark Inc
Established in 2006, Brightmark is a leading Salesforce implementation firm catering to the financial services sector. The firm has completed over 100 implementations and recognized with 40 Salesforce Certifications. 

Multi-brand capability

If your advisor, accountant and lawyer gave you a filing cabinet each with their logos on the side, you'd always know whose filing cabinet you were in. 

SideDrawer's digital vaults are no different - a user will always see the branding of their sponsor, driving a higher level of engagement than traditional storage.


Multi-brand capability


"The Advisor’s photo and contact info was one of the best updates, as there is a constant reminder of the branding and who is providing this valuable service to the client."

Tucker Mooney, Associate, Dewdney&Co

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Integrated with traditional cloud storage to maintain efficiencies

Since SideDrawer is the most effective external-facing platform, the API integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Sharepoint allow the business to maintain their local files and structure, while creating an image within SideDrawer to act as a repository. 

"We still use Sharepoint within our team, but SideDrawer is used for sharing externally with clients. It’s much easier and far more convenient."

Frank Gasper, Founder, CSR Wealth

Create multiple Affiliates

At times your business may require individual silos - mini environments where data and documents are walled off from access by other users within your company. 

We call these spaces Affiliates - where  environments can be created with their own branding and unique configurations, allowing complete information privacy.

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Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 8.12.23 PM


API-first platform offers unlimited flexibility

With over 450 endpoints and webhooks, SideDrawer can integrate with your front, middle and back office applications  

Infrastructure agnostic

SideDrawer's API-first platform permits for a variety of enterprise configurations:

  • Is consolidating client data under one roof important?

    We can connect all our storage into your low-cost Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google GCP servers - without any need to access the data.

  • You want clients to have a seamless SSO experience?

    We support OIDC, SAML and other SSO standards.

  • You want to leverage your existing access controls?

    We support RBAC mapping to your rules.

  • You want to create your own unique user experience?

    Our 450+ API endpoints and built-in workflows allow you to streamline the basic 


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SideDrawer is a natural fit with enterprise platforms

With API integrations into OneDrive, Sharepoint and Google Drive, along with a local SideDrawer Desktop offering, save costs by eliminating all your other cloud storage options.

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